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Broken Arrow Newsletter

Operation Broken Arrow Newsletter

Dem Fundraising Totals Disappoint, Trump's Do Not

Daily Journal: "The crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates is showing early signs of money trouble as donors sit on the sidelines to see how the contest unfolds, signaling a drawn-out primary battle lies ahead." "The Democratic campaign comes into greater focus on Monday as declared White House hopefuls report their first quarter fundraising totals. Early glimpses provided by nine of the more than a dozen declared candidates show that Democrats are raising less money than they have in previous cycles and are coming up short against the war chest President Donald Trump is building." "Democrats collectively raised about $66...

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Border Patrol Official Reports to Congress on Border Emergency

Fox News: "A caravan-size influx of migrants is flooding across the border each week in just a single sector, a top Border Patrol official told lawmakers Tuesday -- the latest indicator of the growing migration crisis on the southern border." "Karisch said his sector has apprehended people from 50 different countries, including China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and Romania." "In the Rio Grande Valley alone, Karisch said that at current pace, they would have more than 260,000 apprehensions in his sector by the end of fiscal 2019...He also said that his agents apprehend, on average, 1,000 people a day." "Last week, Obama-era Border...

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"Pentagon awards nearly $1B in border wall contracts"

NY Post: "The Pentagon said Tuesday it has awarded nearly $1 billion in contracts to two companies for President Trump’s border wall — the first funds granted to build the barrier since Trump declared a national emergency in February." "SLSCO Ltd. was awarded a $789 million contract for “border-replacement wall construction,” which will be done in Santa Teresa, NM." "The work is expected to be completed in October 2020, according to a list of contracts published by the US Department of Defense." "In addition, Barnard Construction Co. Inc., a Montana-based company, was awarded a $187 million contract for a wall replacement project...

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Thank Capitalism for First Ever Image of Black Hole

    RCM: "Scientists this week revealed the first image ever made of a black hole, something that was previously thought to be unseeable. But now, we have a picture of it – thanks to capitalism." "The picture of a black hole – a dying star that has collapsed inward under the pressure of its own weight – 53 million light years from Earth was assembled from data gathered by eight radio telescopes around the world, linked together two years ago to form one giant telescope. And why were radio telescopes invented in the first place? Because a private-sector company...

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"Byron York: Barr is right, spying on Trump campaign did occur"

The Washington Examiner: "Democrats and some in the media expressed shock and outrage when Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday that 'spying did occur' on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election." "The baffling thing was why they were baffled. Barr's statement was accurate and supported by publicly known facts." "That is entirely accurate. It is a fact that in October 2016 the FBI wiretapped Carter Page, who had earlier been a short-term foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign. The bureau's application to a secret court for that wiretapping is public. It is heavily redacted but is clearly focused on Page and 'the Russian...

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