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"Trump defies doubters with surging economy"

POLITICO: "The U.S. economy is defying dire predictions of a slowdown this year with growth strengthening, wages rising, unemployment falling and markets rocking to new highs. It should be an incumbent president’s dream and a nightmare for those trying to replace him."

"For now, Trump is getting win after win on the economic front. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq stock indices hit new records this week after tanking hard last December on fears of an imminent global slowdown. Job growth continues to hit around 200,000 per month. And an expected 2019 slowdown has not materialized, with the first read of first-quarter growth released Friday showing the economy expanded at a strong 3.2 percent rate in the first three months of the year, much better than expected for a period marked by an ugly government shutdown."

"Overseas, Britain does not appear in imminent danger of crashing out of the European Union and the China slowdown does not seem as bad as some economists feared."

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