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Guy Benson on Castro's "Open Border" Proposal

Townhall: "Ending criminal penalties for illegal immigration, removing detention as an enforcement tool, effectively abolishing ICE as an enforcement agency -- all while telling CPB to focus on trafficking, as opposed to more run-of-the-mill illegal immigration offenses.  Plus, halting all new border wall construction, despite CPB begging for additional barriers in specifically targeted locations.  If this proposal isn't the modern equivalent of 'open borders,' I'm not sure what is."

"Border Patrol has reached a 'breaking point,' with detention facilities totally overwhelmed and overrun, resulting in the release of hundreds, if not thousands, of illegal immigrants into the US interior. We have no place to put them and no capacity to process them in a timely manner, under our current, broken laws.  The word has gone out that arriving in America with a child, and claiming asylum, is a golden ticket into the country.  People have adjusted their behavior accordingly, leading to the chaos that's currently playing out.  If Castro's policy were implemented, imagine how the incentives would tilt even further in favor of encouraging illegal immigration." 

"This is a pro-illegal immigration plan, quite frankly, rooted in a preposterous premise, that reflects a fundamental disrespect for American sovereignty.  And yet, it mirrors the sliding center of gravity within the Democratic Party's base." 

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