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Why Democratic Socialism Can't Work

Washington Times: "'Democratic Socialism,' preached by Sen. Bernie Sanders and others, seems like a pretty good dream. The problem is, it is just that — a dream."

"...what do millennials and government-funded higher education and health care all have in common? Well, for the young the dream really is no dream at all. In fact, a study by the non-partisan Tax Institute found that only 11 percent of all tax revenue is paid by people under the age of 35. All the good stuff really is free to supporters of Democratic Socialism because they don’t “pay their fair share” (their phrase, not mine)."

"So, leaving the rich with only 30 cents out of every dollar they earn, and also taking 2 percent of everything they own every year, gets us less than a fifth of what is needed — remember, the bar tab for free education and free universal health care is about $2 trillion. The math isn’t difficult, but when you add it all up, Democratic Socialism is where dreams go to die."

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