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When Did Mueller Know "No Collusion"?

Fox News: "Almost from the start, Democrats and their media echo chamber have moved the goal posts on collusion. The original allegation – the political narrative that the Clinton campaign, through Obama administration alchemy, honed into a counterintelligence investigation – was that that the Trump campaign was complicit in Russia’s 'cyberespionage' attacks on the 2016 election." "But there was no evidence that candidate Trump and his surrogates had anything to do with the Kremlin’s hacking and propaganda schemes. And no supporting logic. The Russians are very good at espionage. They neither needed nor wanted American help, their operations predated Trump’s entry into the campaign, and some of those...

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Zero Senators Vote "Yay" on Green New Deal

The Washington Examiner: "Senators Tuesday blocked the Democratic Green New Deal resolution in a procedural vote the GOP called up in order to showcase the radical plan to end the use of fossil fuels and address climate change." “ 'I have to say, it’s remarkable enough to see a major political party coalesce around a proposal to forcibly remake the entire country according to what’s fashionable in Brooklyn and San Francisco,' McConnell said. 'But it is even more stunning to see my colleagues so angry and upset at the opportunity to back up their new philosophy with their votes.' "

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"Apologies to President Trump"

The Hill: "With the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe now known to a significant degree, it seems apologies are in order." "However, judging by the recent past, apologies are not likely forthcoming from the responsible parties." "Whatever his supposed flaws, the rampant accusations and speculation that shrouded Trump’s presidency, even before it began, ultimately have proven unfounded. Just as Trump said all along."

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"In Big Shift, U.S. Endorses Israel's Sovereignty Over Golan Heights"

RCP: "President Donald Trump abruptly declared Thursday the U.S. will recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights, a major shift in American policy..." "The administration has been considering recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the strategic highlands, which Israel captured from Syria in 1967, for some time and Netanyahu had pressed the matter with visiting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just a day earlier."

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Economic Models Show Trump Landslide in '20

POLITICO: "But if the election were held today, he’d likely ride to a second term in a huge landslide, according to multiple economic models with strong track records of picking presidential winners and losses." "Credit a strong U.S. economy featuring low unemployment, rising wages and low gas prices — along with the historic advantage held by incumbent presidents."

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